Hello and Welcome!

I’m Ain and I writing this from my flat in the UK, where I work in sales and events in a publishing house. I’ve always been passionate about career and personal development, which is why I have created this blog as a little digital notebook. Here I share my notes on all things around work, events and books. You can find some guides on creating a great cover letter, preparing for interviews or changing careers, but I’m sharing my stories and my colleagues stories in the hope they will inspire you in your personal and professional journey. My notes are based on my personal experience building a successful career in both the publishing and the events industries in a foreign country with little to none support system. I am very proud of what I have learnt so far, but I’m not done yet and I hope we can connect to learn from each other as well.

Whether you’re interested in starting your career, are ready to take the next step or want to know more about events and publishing, my notes are for you.

Thank you for stopping by and do make sure you connect with me here or via social media. There’s nothing I love more than a good chat and a new connection!

– A