Career Sessions

Ain is an award-winning publishing professional and career mentor. She is the first corporate events manager in the UK publishing industry and has forged a unique career path for herself, whilst building a strong network across both the publishing and events industry.

I work with ambitious professionals who are looking to create a unique career path in the creative industries, just like I did.

Creative careers can be difficult to navigate but I can help you to find the right tools to support your journey and forge a career that you love. From creating an actionable plan to identifying any mindset blocks and finding opportunities to progress, I will work with you to get clarity on your next steps and support you in your journey.

I came away from my session with Ain feeling more motivated, positive and reassured about my publishing career journey. She was extremely helpful and had lots of advice to offer, but what was especially fantastic was that she took the time to ask about my journey and experience so she could tailor her advice and guidance to me. It was wonderful to have someone put such time and energy into talking with me, and I would highly recommend anyone who’s looking to get into publishing or events, or who wants to further their current career in these industries, to book a session with Ain.


These sessions are for you if…

  • You want to move into the publishing industry but don’t know where to start
  • You feel stuck in your creative career and don’t know what progression can look like for you
  • You have a career goal that you are struggling to reach and you need support creating a plan
  • You are ready for your next step in your publishing career but you lack the confidence to move forward
  • You are exploring your career options and a creative career has always been your dream
  • You need to support with your career plan (from salary negotiation to interview prep)
  • You want to find your professional voice, build your personal brand and become a leader in the creative industries

If you are an aspiring publisher with no prior work experience, before considering one of my sessions, I would recommend checking out these free resources and organisations that can help you.

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