Launching Ain’s Notes Newsletter!

Who is it for?

This newsletter is for you. If you love reading/listening/learning about mindset, career and personal development and if you’ve enjoyed my content so far, this is taking our conversation to a whole other level. 

What content will I share?

The guiding thread will be personal growth. I will curate content across different formats (think videos, podcasts, articles and obviously books) from experts and creators, to inspire and support your journey, whatever that may be. Expect short but impactful ideas and thoughts to help you to develop a curious and flexible mindset. 


Throughout the time I spent building, my Instagram page and YouTube channel, I realised how much content I consume (surprise, surprise!). Working on creating content for my platforms as well as spending more time on content curation at work, has forced me to learn how to carefully select the content I consume, considering the limited time I have to assimilate new knowledge. This newsletter is my way of sharing some of this content with you.

Where & When?

The newsletter will come to you monthly and you can sign up to receive the first one here

Please feel free to share with anyone who you think may enjoy it (let’s spread the personal development love!) and don’t forget to let me know what you think 🙂

Thank you so much for joining me on this new adventure!!

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