Introducing “How I Got into Publishing”

During an introductory meeting at London Book Fair, I shared my journey to the publishing industry with a new colleague. His feedback on my determination to succeed in the industry made me think back to my first steps in publishing.

When I first started applying for jobs in publishing, I was desperate to understand how to break into the industry. My applications would never get an answer and my confidence struggled through each and every one of those silent rejections. I had good grades and the right experience, but unfortunately in publishing that wasn’t (and still isn’t!) enough. My love for books, mostly Italian books, was not that special either. I remember wishing to hear a success story from someone like me. Someone from a working-class background, an immigrant who was speaking their second language, a young woman trying to succeed alone in a foreign country. I like to think that it would have helped me to see that it was possible and that it wasn’t a fantasy to wish for a career in publishing.

So now, five years after my very first publishing internship, I hope I can share mine as well as other’s success stories on how we got into the industry. I hope that this will inspire those of you who are looking to get into publishing to keep on trying and keep on dreaming.

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4 thoughts on “Introducing “How I Got into Publishing”

  1. This is an excellent idea! I really struggled to get my first publishing job too, and it can feel impossible. I’m looking forward to reading this series!

  2. This would be so helpful, I am in the same situation a foreigner trying to break into publishing in the UK and on top of that in the middle of a pandemic. It will helo to read some encouraging stories as I get more and more discouraged. Thank you for this! ☺️

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