Girlboss – Book Review

I’m a strong believer that there’s book for every phase of your life. I first read this whilst moving jobs and not really knowing where my life was going to go. I still don’t, but at 27, surrounded by people that are getting married and having kids, I needed a little reassurance. People around me are settling down and buying houses I, on the other hand, keep thinking that there’s no better way to spend my money and time than travelling the world with a good book. Girlboss gave me hope! Admittedly, I had watched the Netflix series before reading this, but my feelings about it were mixed.

The more I read it, the more I understood why I didn’t like Sophia’s character on Netflix. She is stubborn, naive and reckless. I always considered my self to be the complete opposite, with a plan for every letter of the alphabet and a great sense of reality. However, the book showed me what I have in common with Sophia: it’s grit. Like every successful entrepreneur, she writes about her experience highlighting how the good was as important as the bad, how opportunities are all around us and we simply have to open our eyes and pick our thing. Dreams are never to big, but at the same time no job is ever too small. My favourite chapters were the one where girlboss talks about how all her jobs have been fundamental to get her where she is now. Her approach to failure and her ability to learn from it is inspiring.

This is one of those books that I’ll read time and time again.

– A

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