6 Travel Essentials for Flights

I have mentioned before that I travel a lot, but I never mentioned why. I’m a sales & events manager, and I work with accounts in the UK, Ireland and Europe. I don’t just travel for work though. A lot of my journeys are to Germany to see my partner and back home to my family in Italy. Long story short, last year alone I took 36 flights, which is basically 3 flights per month.

Flying isn’t as glamorous as people may think. It’s long queues and germs. Planes are generally freezing cold all year round and you can never trust them to be on time. Never!

However, through trial and error, I’ve managed to find some essentials that help me make my journeys a little more comfy. Here are the 6 things that I never travel without:

  1. Water – this may sound basic and it sure is. The last thing you want is being stuck in a remote gate with no fresh water. Flying will dehydrate the life out of you, so it’s important that you drink plenty. If you’re wondering how I get through security, I usually either have a reusable bottle that I fill up after security or I simply empty my plastic one and do the same. That’ll save you buying £3 water.
  2. Scarf – this is the one item that I always bring with me, even in summer! As I mentioned it can be chilly on a plane, but you can use your scarf to stay warm. You can also use it to cover your eyes if you want to rest up or as a pillow to be more comfortable.
  3. Hand sanitiser – airports, much like any other public transport place, are dirty. If you don’t want to bring a liquid hand sanitiser, just get some wipes to refresh yourself. You’ll thank me later!
  4. Snacks – I tend to be very healthy when I’m flying and that’s because I know that chances are I’ll be super tired at the end of the day and I want to make sure I’m not also dehydrated and malnourished. My favourite snacks are nuts & dark chocolate (I can’t have dairy) and some fruit. Apples are super good to keep you awake if you have a meeting right after your flight and need to be alert!
  5. Headphones – this is more of a life essential given that I’m always on my phone, but it’s really great to have headphones when travelling. You can listen to music, to audiobooks or just put them on to block out the noise.
  6. Books – last but not least, my best friends. I would usually bring a book and my Kindle for personal travel, but only the kindle when I travel for work (because I’ll have a lot of other work stuff to carry with me). Kindle is the absolute best. You can fit it anywhere and can choose whatever book you’re in the mood for without having to carry on the weight.

So these are the 6 things I always carry with me when catching a flight. Another top tip to remember (aside from always checking that you have your passport with you before leaving the house) is to charge your phone & Kindle. The last thing you want is for either of them to die mid-journey.

Safe flights!


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