The 3 Habits that Help Me Manage Anxiety

Anxiety has been an old companion of mine and until recently, I thought it was just stress. When I was diagnosed with it, I thought that I would finally have the chance to resolve it, like most other conditions. Except you can’t exactly cure anxiety.

After several attempts, I found three things that really help me manage it:

– Morning & evening routines: I travel a lot, both for work and for personal reasons. It’s extremely difficult to maintain a routine whilst constantly on the move, but I still found a couple things that I can do each morning and every evening to help me relax and unwind. My favourites are: lemon water in the morning to start off my metabolism and lavender oil drops on my temples just before going to sleep.

– Meditation: my mind always goes 100 mph. No matter what time of day it is, where I am or what I am doing, I’m always thinking and worrying about something. So finally last year I decided to try meditation to learn how to slow down. Since day one, I could feel my body more relaxed and my sleep improving. Now, I try to find 10 minutes each day to meditate. I have tried different apps and even YouTube, but the only one I could stick to is the Calm app. I can’t recommend it enough!

– Minimalism: this is a work in progress and it has been an interesting journey. I live in a house share with other people and I noticed that my room was getting cluttered out of proportion. What I didn’t instantly notice though was how much that was impacting my mood. I have begun this little ritual of decluttering my room once a month and it is somehow a cathartic moment. I have also reduced the number of things I buy and I’m trying to live more sustainable. By reducing the number of things I own, I also reduce the decision making necessary in everyday life and hence the chance to get stressed about it. It’s been a great discovery!

My anxiety will always be a work in progress, but I do believe in making the best of every situation and I learnt to take care of my and it. After all, it’s part of who I am.

– A

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