5 Reasons Why I Love Audiobooks

I’m an audiobook newbie, with only one read done under my belt, but a lot of love for this format to share. I had tried before listening to podcasts but found it difficult to focus and kept losing track of the talks. Then, around 10 days ago, I asked my boyfriend if he could lend me Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek so that I could read it during my holiday in Mexico. Unfortunately, he didn’t have it with him. He lent it to a colleague and with Christmas in between, he wasn’t going to get it back in time for my holiday. However, he suggested downloading the audiobook from Audible. So I did!

Best. Decision. Ever.

Here are my 5 favourite things about Audiobooks:

  1. No limits: you can read everywhere and at any point. Just press play and listen. No more walking into people whilst reading your books, no more feeling car sick or trying to hold a book on a packed train. I must say that it has been really nice being able to lay on the beach listening instead of having to read in the bright sunlight. 
  2. Relax your eyes: we constantly look at screens all day, so being able to read without having to use your eyes is brilliant. Even though physical books aren’t computers, I often feel like my eyes are tired after the long days at work. 
  3. Multitask: possibly the best thing of all for busy people like me. As long as you are good at listening, you can do other things. Drive, clean your room, work out, etc…
  4. No weight/extra space: the only thing you need to carry is your phone and headphones, which we probably all have with us at all times anyway. So no extra bags needed 🙂
  5. Language & pronunciation: for a non-English speaker like myself, audiobooks remove barriers to pronunciation. Names, places, even jokes, are much easier to detect, especially if the book is read by the author.

My love for physical books will never fade, but I now have a valid alternative that will allow me to bring even more books with me.

If you have favourite things about audiobooks or any reads that you think are worth listening to, let me know!

Happy listening!

– A 

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